Eevent 9 Registration, Timetable, Rules

Das Formular auf Deutsch ist hier

Date, location, entrance fees, general information

  • 5.-7. January 2018. The detailed timetable is available below
  • Olma Halle St.Gallen, Splügenstrasse 12, CH-9008 St.Gallen. Detailed information on how to get there is available Eevent Homepage.
  • The entrance fee + participation in one tournament is CHF 40.-. The participation fee for every additional tournament is + CHF 5.-. Participants who already have an Eevent-Ticket, pay CHF 10.- and + CHF 5.- for every additional tournament
  • There is a sleeping hall in the venue for the participants (own mat + sleeping bag etc. necessary) as well as showers
  • Registrations on site are possible (see timetable), but we will only seed pre-registrations. Registrations on-site will be put in separate groups
  • Pre-registrations are only valid after we have received your payment
  • Should you have any questions, you can contact us through the contact form or directly through e-mail at
  • Pre-registrations close on 03.01.2018 at 20:00

Timetable, rulesets

TimetableGeneral rulesRulesets



Pre-registrations are closed. You can still sign up for the tournaments on-site, details on when this is still possible can be found in the timetable.
Important: Participants have to be at least 14 years old and minors have to bring a consent form. Without the form, minors will not be granted access to the venue.
Form-Download: The form is available here.

Participant list

1HR DirektorTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3, USF IV, NTM
2HR.CKT SAINTSEIYATekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3, USF IV, GG XRd Rev2, NTM
3TENZOTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
4horatioTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3x
5Dr. WaifuPillowTekken 7x
6#BredTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3, NTMx
7#BärTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3, NTMx
8AzaghalsMaskSSBM, SSBM 2v2
9KingslayerSSBM, SSBM 2v2
10NoahDanielTekken 7, SSB WiiU
11ConiZhSSBM, SSBM 2v2, SSB WiiU, NTM
12HR HamiltonTekken 7, GG Xrd, NTM
13SpyzSSBM, SSBM 2v2
14ediweazelTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
15rougeTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
16DaRipazzTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
17NOX Yung TrailSSBM, SSBM 2v2
18MitkaSSBM, SSBM 2v2
19HazukiTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
20Chardy-SanTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
21Angie_MagasoTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
22Mr. SnurbTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3x
23LyeroTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3x
24MisteryxTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
25RioscolTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3x
26TitsMcGheheyTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3x
277SSBM, SSBM 2v2x
28ZeassSSB WiiU, SSB WiiU 2v2
29MerchazSSBM, SSBM 2v2x
30CrzyShroomSSB WiiU
31mYi | KiraKiraTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3x
32KarmaTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3
33PänuTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3x
34SuperuzzTekken 7, Tekken 7 3v3x
35SioTekken 7, SSB WiiUx
36HR | BustahhhWolf GG Xrdx
371tanSSBM, SSBM 2v2
38HebuxSSBM 2v2
39DJ.Ran Tekken 7x
40FlugelMannTekken 7x