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Here you can find the available consoles, games and tournaments.

Consoles, Games, Material

This list will be updated once we have a clubroom to host regular sessions again


Here you can find all information for currently planned tournaments and streams.

DatePlaceGameRules & Signup
5.-7.01.2018St. GallenHardRead @EeventDetailed Information is available here.


Here you can find the brackets & videos of past events.

12.08.2017Busan Battle, Swiss IeSF qualifier (Tekken 7)BracketTop 16 Playlist
04.02.2017Swiss Nintendo League Finals 20171v1 Finals, 2v2 FinalsYouTube Playlist
04.06.2016SSB4 WiiU, SF VSmash 4 Bracket, SF V BracketNo recordings
20.02.2016Street Fighter VPools + BracketTop 8 Playlist
06.02.2016Super Smash Bros 4Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, Pool D, BracketYouTube Playlist