HardRead @Gamingbörse Bern 2016

We are proud to announce tournaments at Gamingbörse Bern 2016.

General Information

  • Tournament Games: Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros 4 WiiU
  • Fun-Stations for: Pokken Tournament, Mario Kart 8, provided by Nintendo Switzerland
  • Entrance Fee Gamingbörse Bern 2016: 5.- Francs
  • Buy-In Street Fighter V: 5.- Francs for the price-pot
  • Buy-In Super Smash Bros. WiiU: 5.- Francs for the price-pot
  • Prices for the top 3 of each tournament: 50/30/20% payout from price-pot

Adress & Timetable

  • Eventforum Bern, Fabrikstrasse 12, 3012 Bern
  • Date: 04.06.2016
  • 09:30 Opening Gamingbörse
  • 09:30 - 11:00: Signups
  • 11:30 - 14:30: Pools Stages
  • 14:30 - 16:30: Top8 brackets
  • 17:00: Closing Gamingbörse


  • Group Stage: 4 Double Elimination groups, the top 2 placing players advance
  • Top 8: Double Elimination Bracket, firsts vs seconds of group stages in first round
  • In case of a very high number of participants, we may change the group stage to single elimination to not delay the tournament
  • All sets in group stage are BO3 (best of 3, first to win 2 games)
  • In Top 8 all sets are BO5

Rules Street Fighter V

  • Game Settings: 3 rounds, 99 seconds
  • All characters, stages and costumes allowed
  • Only the loser may change characters between matches during a set
  • Players may elect to double blind before a match. For this a referee is called, whom both players tell their character choice to. The referee will then ensure both players pick these characters.
  • If a player pauses the current match (this includes hardware malfunctions of his controller), he loses the current round, except if the opponent is fine with continuing.
  • If a set ends draw 2-2 or 3-3 after a double-KO, an extra match is played in brackets to determine the winner. In groups, it is counter as a draw.
  • The tournament will be played on PS4 consoles
  • Every controller and adapter is allowed. Macros and turbo are banned.
  • Every player is responsible to bring their own working controller and/or adapter that works on PS4. Own wireless-pads are however banned, we will provide these. We will also have Arcade sticks available to borrow, but only in very limited numbers.

Rules Super Smash Bros. WiiU

  • We use the ruleset from swisssmash.ch. You can find the complete ruleset here.
  • Tournament format: Double Elimination groups to Top 16 Double Elimination Bracket
  • In case of an unexpectedly high number of participants, rules for the group phase will be changed as follows: 2 Stocks and 6 Minuten
  • Should the number of participants be too high to keep the schedule even with the change in rules, group phase will be changed to Single Elimination.