Welcome to HardRead, the association for fighing games in Zürich!
Our goal is to provide a place for the Fighting Game Community in and around Zürich for regular meetups and tournaments.


HardRead weeklies are back

We are excited to announce: HardRead Weekly is back in Zurich! Thanks to a cooperation with e-paradise.ch, we will be hosting HardRead Weekly every Thursday at their awesome eSports bar.
Detailed information is available here or through the navigation on top.

HardRead @Eevent #9

We are happy to announce that we will be joining the 9th Eevent LAN; as usual, there will be many tournaments for Fighting Game Aficionados.
The registrations are done directly through our homepage, you can find detailed information here or through the Events-Tab.

Stream Swiss Nintendo League Finals

For the third time in a row, HardRead will be streaming the Swiss Nintendo League Finals. This Sunday you can catch the finals of Super Smash Bros WiiU on our Twitch-channel.

Busan Battle: Tekken 7 IeSF Qualifier

HardRead organises the Swiss qualifier tournament for the Tekken 7 IeSF Finals in Busan together with the team of GameTurnier.ch!
The tournament will take place during the Eevent in Burgdorf.
Detailed information is available here or through the Events-Tab.

Surgo 2017 Announced

Easter egg hunt?! Puh-lease. Surgo 2017 will take place THIS EASTER WEEKEND: Saturday, April 15, in Zurich. Smash 4 & more. Save the date. Check outsurgo.ch for more.

Stream & Registration Swiss Nintendo League Finals 2017

As last year, HardRead provides the stream for the Swiss Nintendo League Finals this year as well!
Additionally, the pre-registration for the tournaments this year is done through HardRead as well. You can find the registration form here

HardRead is without a room

Since the beginning of Semptember, we unfortunately had to leave our room. Of course we are actively looking for a new place, so our weekly get-togethers can happen ASAP again.

Surgo joins HardRead

We are happy to announce the addition of Lionel "Bergbuur" Sulger Büel to the board! He has been organizing a lot of notable tournaments such as Surgo and SmashNation, which in the future will be organized under the HardRead association instead of the previous joint-ventures!

HardRead @Gamingbörse Bern 2016

We organise tournaments for Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. WiiU at the Gamingbörse Bern 2016. Detailed information is available here or through the Events-Tab.

Crush The Banana @HardRead

All information for our first SF V tournament, Crush The Banana, is now available through the events tab! Important: Depending on the number of participants, we will not have any setups available for other games that day!

Smash The Kiwi @HardRead

All Information for Smash The Kiwi is now available in the events-tab! Important: Because of the tournament there will be only 1 station available for games other than Smash 4 that day!

Tournaments already in planning!

We already have tournaments for Super Smash Bros. 4 and Street Fighter V planned! You can find the dates in the events tab already, more detailed information will follow shortly!


Finally our website is launched! You will find all information about HardRead here!
All necessary information is available already, but expect more changes to the site in the future.