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We are available for questions and discussions through our Facebook group. You can also contact us there in case the entrance is closed during one of our sessions. You can find the group through the following link:
HardRead.CH Facebook-group


Discord is a chat application with easy group management. We use it to chat with each other and are available through it if the entrance doors are closed during one of our sessions, so contact us there if someone should open up for you.
Discord is available as an App for Android & iOS and as a PC Desktop-Application. It can also be accessed through your internet browser. You can find more information on the Discord Homepage.
To join the HardRead Discord-Server you need an invitation link. You can request one in the Facebook group or via E-Mail.

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Through this form you can contact us by e-mail.


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  • Advantages: Members can join our events without having to pay an entrance fee and have voting right at the meeting of members.
  • Membership fee: 80.- Francs for 6 months (January-June / July-December). If you join during a half-year period, only the amount proportional to the remaining months is charged.
  • After submitting the form we will send you the payment information by E-Mail.
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